I want to draw - I have to draw!

This little blog should – in a perfect world - function as a peek into my personal little trip down the road of drawing. I can guarantee there will be plenty of road rage, steep learning curves, crying and thumb sucking involved.
If you scroll down you will see some of my begging steps (hahahaha I'll let that stand - Freudic slip - but I mean *beginning*). Since I never really did any drawing prior, I don’t have any old drawings lying around to share either - unfortunately.
My starting level was nothing, stickmen and general straight line challenged, with an newly added circle handicap – good fucking game.
But I’m determined I will learn this, whatever the cost.
- Tue

Friday, December 21, 2012

So cold outside - Merry Christmas etc.

A few more updates.

Tried to draw Bubble... is that what his name is? the green guy from Bubble Bobble :) Anyway the first one is one I did a couple of months ago and then a few pics from now, I should have spend a bit more time in the end with things like the bubble at least, but well business as usual "should've, would've, could've".

Been playing a bit of League of Legends lately, some would argue too much. Wanted to do my take on a Hip Hop Tristana, but ugh it sorta went sillymode at some point, I don't know what happens but often I loose track of my original idea and my first "sketch", it's like something getting translated over and over each time loosing a bit of the meaning, that's how I feel about it at least, I don't know if I need to keep my start sketch somewhere closeby so I constantly see it or it's just something I will have to live with.

The Dresden Files Fan Art Molly Carpenter Lady Winter
Been reading the latest Dresden Files - Cold Days, by Jim Butcher and felt I just had to try and paint my version of the *SPOILER* :P new lady winter a.k.a. Molly Carpenter.
Now I could rant about that whole experince and it would take me ages and I don't really wanna do that now, but I will when I get the time since I want to upload the whole process gif as well, it shows just how fucking stupid I work from time to time, but hopefully it has been a learning experince for me... *it better fucking be!*

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fucking eyesight! wtb cyborg implants kkthxbai.

Yeah, back to my eyes being all shitty again ffs, haven't been able to do alot of work past week so gg - hope it's just a mild attack and it's nothing which will leave more scar tissue... -.-

Anywho, a couple of pics.

Some Roman general armor sculpture thing, I think the ornaments on the chest was suppose to be seahorses or something like that at some point, but the sculpture is fairly battered, so couldn't tell really. I couldn't really finish the base of it, what went on below the drapery was simply impossible for me to see at the distance I was sitting - prolly 1.5 meters away... yeah fuck my life!

Been feeling very insecure in how I go around drawing, I hate the sense of drawing like some childrens book with numbered points "connect #1 with #2 etc." If I measured out enough points with high certainty, then wtf am I really drawing? I want to draw from fantasy and I don't feel like I'm challenging that by doing "arcitetual drawings"... Anyway long story short, tried to draw this sculpture with just curves and see how that turned out, it turned out fucking bullshit!
Same sculpture different position. I tried to limit the things I would try and measure out normally. If I remember correct I think it tried to get the height and width correct by doing the normal box shit, then I tried to find the correct height the crotch or what u call it would be placed and then the breasts and try to build it up from that, but yeah I must have fucked up the measuring of those parts because the distance between her breasts and crotch seems way to far, but only spotted it after I rendered it so fuck that shit not gonna erase 2 hours of painful drawing to cut away some centimeters ! ><

Some pages from the sketchbook, mix of fantasy and observations from sitting at the museum. The attempts at drawing from life are pretty fucked, I think I'm slowly coming to the conclusion I simply can't do those, at least not of people, my eyesight is simply too bad for making out even the simplest anatomy at a distance, I was trying to quick sketch a choir who was rehearsing at some point, but I have to guess about so many things, like how the person is seated because I simply can't see the difference between what's legs and what's chair/handbag or bowling ball... it's absurd -.-

I'm sorry if there are like a million of spelling mistakes and errors in the text (or more than usual at least ;)), but cba to sit squinting at the text just to work up a headache.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'nuff talk more drawings! kkthx

I'm getting behind on posting stuff, it's not that I'm not drawing anything, I'm just procrastinating like a mofo!

But gotta update ofc. I won't be adding any lengthy explanations to each upload, thinking it's better to upload something relevant like drawings... *cough* and not as much bs ranting - and maybe it will even be easiere to keep updated if I don't have to write a small novel to each update. :P

A group of friends I play boardgames with. (I'm #3 from the left...)

Random shit.

Sketches from Glyptoteket and last 3 are an assignment I went overboard with *sigh* and yes it's me playing x-box.
Watercolor bs.

This will do for now. I should prolly take some pics of some of my sketchbook drawings, but ugh not motivating to spend time prep'ing that, still need to show the full side of things and all the angry frustrating sketches are part of that afterall, it's not all overworked study drawings measured down to the last detail.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pencil madness.

I did a couple of pencil drawings, some movie references, anatomy stuff  and others trying to invent my own shit.


I started on a - not sure what to call it in english - classical drawing course. It's in a museum here in Copenhagen called Glyptoteket, it's 4 days a week and it's basically a introduction to drawing. We're drawing sculptures, I think it's called studie drawings what we do? It's drawing one picture over a couple of hours, it's very challenging to say the least, I'm a very introvert and shy guy, so this is fucking extreme! It's very uncomfortable for me being this exposed and then on top of that having to draw... yikes, but fuck it I have to see it as a challenge and just run with it, afterall I want to draw more than anything else.
These are what I've done so far.

Was supposed to draw just using lines, but I can't draw a head with lines, for some reason I can't see the bloody lines and inventing lines are like mission impossible, so got a bit upset after banging my head against the wall and put some rough shadows on anyway! :P

Was supposed to pick something simple and measure stuff etc. This is some base for a roman statue thing... dunno what to say, the measuring is confusing as fuck to me since and at some point I always just give up and "correct" most of the lines myself. If I force myself to stick to the measurements I make, then I end up with something which I know is wrong, proportions go out the window, I don't know what happens other than I don't make the correct measurements.

Some battered torso. Again I had to stop trying to measure things, something just didn't seem right when I was looking at my drawing and then at the statue, and after some investigation I found several major mistakes... I don't know what the fuck happens when I measure really. So I had to erase half the sketch and basically start over. If I need to measure then it has to be with my pencil in a straight arm and that's it... setting up a skeleton of guide lines and diagrams only fucks me up I suspect.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh hai there.

Yeah it's been awhile since last update, sorry.

I'm starting on a drawing course in October and it's like that's been my excuse lately.
I picked up the pencil and convinced myself to not use the tablet before I started the course, stupid idea tbh. Using the pencil again is really challenging and I don't have enough “ideas” to keep me busy. I'm trying to follow some different books, but it's a slow process and I think I should pick up the tablet again really, since it's just so easy to use and it steps up the productivity in my case.
It's the whole balancing act thing, I'm very much all or nothing, in this case, it's either tablet or pencil, which is fucking moronic and I'm gonna try and vary it now - It's weird how you can realize things when you write shit down lol.

I haven't been completely lazy though, there's not a lot to upload, but at least there's a few things lying around.

I've been playing some old school, Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, so obviously I tried to draw some of those characters using the basic shapes approach. I might have been a bit influenced by watching The Big Lebowski as well...

*(yeah I did "cheat" a bit with using the tablet to try and add some color... ssshh)

Drawing those small characters, made me think about putting up the title to Day of the Tentacle on my wall here, which took me into some weird drawing letters direction, a bit like graffiti I suppose, so I ended up trying to do my own wild style letters as well, though I only got to four “T, U, E, L” but that whole thing is like a mystery to me, I would love to learn more about that since the style looks efing cool when done right (mine are.... not done right, baby steps!).
They are kinda silly, basically I no fucking clue what I'm doing here, started out with just very "block" like letters and then into something... weirdish, but one thing I really enjoyed was to just color them... I love the tablet ><!

And then I've been working on some Riven Phoenix and Vilppu studies again, getting mad as fuck one more time :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not a lot going on here

Yes I'm still here. Been struggling with motivation and which direction to pursue etc. I have gone back to pencils lately, I just wanted to refresh some of the basics again and not relying 100% on pure digital work.
I'm shocked though, it's so hard for me to work with just pencils again, everything seems slightly off and unnatural, which fucks with my motivation.

I started on some Kimon Nicolaides again, but it felt weird and I started to question the value of it, at least for someone at my starter level. Feeling the gesture and weight etc. is great ofc, but to me it seems like something that should come after a general drawing foundation, like right now I just want to draw a person with somewhat correct proportions etc. In my mind knowing how to feel a gesture doesn't really help you all that much if you don't have a clue about basic anatomy for example, sure I can feel the action of someone throwing a fast ball, but if I don't know where the elbow should sit, or how you actually draw an arm with some basic muscle ideas, I don't want to draw some old black and white Mickey Mouse clone where the arms are just waving around. It's not the style I'm looking for at least.

Anyway, picked up ”Loomis – Fun with a pencil” book again, this time drawing the circles and actually using some of the ideas came a lot easier. I remember I tried it when I first started this journey and understanding how a circle worked in 3D space was just too big a leap for me, as well as drawing using basic shapes just made me angry. Now though it was just a matter of practice and patience... mainly patience for goddamn copying drawings from a book etc. is a drag.

Don't really have a lot to upload, but there are the Loomis copies, so I suppose it's better than nothing. In the end I tried the techniques to de-construct a still frame from Despicable Me, dunno... some of it made sense, but... meah, wanted to render it afterwards though, which was a mistake, because fuck I can't control the valuing with a pencil -.-

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blah Blah Blah more SAI stuff

Was away for a couple of days and getting back into the grind is a slow process for me. :)

Butts, I’ve been looking into “painting” with SAI some more and done a few pieces, nothing big though.
I’m starting to get frustrated with it, in an attempt to get as close to a painting sensation or work process – how I imagine it to be at least – I kept it to one layer, no fancy effect or tricks, just one brush setting and that was it. This is how it looks if anyone would be interested in that stuff…

Anywho, the first one is Jeff Bridges in True Grit, I did it in pretty much one go, I got a bit lost tbh it was fun and new… blah blah. I didn’t measure a single thing it was all done “gefühl” or wtf too call it… sense? It was major annoying not being able to do details, I really fucked myself over trying to keep it “realistic” when you have to paint over the same spot 10 times before the color really sets, then doing details like correct eyelids, nose and well general features, becomes a bit of a “meh cba”. Still fuck it, it was sorta fun :)

I started on a painting with the same premise as the True Grit, but of Queen Anne’s Revenge from Pirates of the Caribbean. Initially I thought I had start something I couldn’t possible finish, the shit was just too complex, but this “lolol paint shit” sorta defeats the whole getting the whole detail shit right, so I was slightly surprised I managed to finish it and not just throw it away after a couple of minutes. This time I did make sure to save the steps though, so yeah gg… Half-way through I felt I made the sky too bright, so I wanted to correct that, but omfg that shit is impossible when u got a ship in the middle of everything and it’s all on one layer… fml! But again it’s the same story as the girl in the jeans; I gotta get the background shit correct first and then move on, going back and do an entire rework of the background in the middle of things is just a huge ass time sink, so hopefully I’ll learn that someday.
In the end I did a brightness/contrast adjustment, because I’m weak…

Also I put some colors on the Aliens in Photoshop, just for giggles, it’s… I don’t know, not correct, the glow from the finger should be reflected more, but what can you do… you live and learn :)

 Oh and last one. I wanted to try something with Plato's cave allegory, but I never got past the idea really... maybe another day.

Monday, July 16, 2012

"Me, your momma, and someother whore..."

I hate how I handled the drawing of the little girl and her genie, it was done from the genie head to his body and then adding the girl and boy for some… sense? But never going back and really changing anything in the sketch in the process, which shows imho, it’s way to flat and boring, plus the characters are… well I’m certainly not satisfied.
So I wanted to do another run or attempt, again I started without a real idea of wtf I was going for, but well maybe third time?! 

I didn’t finish any of the drawings ofc… :P I got the attention span of a coked up reality star, so I started sketching a bit in SAI without really noticing the transition – autopilot much? I really like the sketching part of the program compared to PS, but when I tried to do a more paintish thing it turned weird, I can’t control the brush at all >< I have too paint over the same part 10 times before the bloody value shifts, major frustrating! But I managed to do some quickies before it got too unbearable to work with… -.-

And yeah sketching to Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon might have influenced me a tiny bit… :)

Went into photoshop with the second Alien picture, since I know how the goddamn brushes work there! Did a quick fix to some of the details I couldn't do in SAI and well yeah "Fuck it dude, let's go bowling"