I want to draw - I have to draw!

This little blog should – in a perfect world - function as a peek into my personal little trip down the road of drawing. I can guarantee there will be plenty of road rage, steep learning curves, crying and thumb sucking involved.
If you scroll down you will see some of my begging steps (hahahaha I'll let that stand - Freudic slip - but I mean *beginning*). Since I never really did any drawing prior, I don’t have any old drawings lying around to share either - unfortunately.
My starting level was nothing, stickmen and general straight line challenged, with an newly added circle handicap – good fucking game.
But I’m determined I will learn this, whatever the cost.
- Tue

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nothing to see here...

Just a quick scribble, no details... but entirely a product of my own fucked up brain and state of mind. I wanted to first draw a hand squishing an eyeball, but went with this instead... while drawing this I thought about drawing the other eye and have a finger covering the entire pupil, but maybe tomorrow. Also I could go further with the hand acting as eyelids..."should've would've could've"

The gif.

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