I want to draw - I have to draw!

This little blog should – in a perfect world - function as a peek into my personal little trip down the road of drawing. I can guarantee there will be plenty of road rage, steep learning curves, crying and thumb sucking involved.
If you scroll down you will see some of my begging steps (hahahaha I'll let that stand - Freudic slip - but I mean *beginning*). Since I never really did any drawing prior, I don’t have any old drawings lying around to share either - unfortunately.
My starting level was nothing, stickmen and general straight line challenged, with an newly added circle handicap – good fucking game.
But I’m determined I will learn this, whatever the cost.
- Tue

Friday, May 4, 2012

Digital painting continued… ”pratice is pratice”

Not really keen on drawing portraits that much, but it can still be fun from time to time and even if I don’t think I get much out of it, there is prolly still tons of hidden shizzle I pick up without giving it a single thought, practice is practice and it can never be time wasted imho!
It’s a slow process though, digitally painting takes an absurd amount of time, that’s prolly in part related too my lack of knowdelegde about the media and base drawing ability, but that’s life :)

I started out with a Russel Crowe portrait (reference from Gladiator). I wanted to try and just block in the rough values and not depend on lines to much, dunno if I prefer that approach over a line sketch start, maybe it’s easier in a way since you don’t overly commit to anyway in the start, so it gives you a bit of freedom, but ofc too much freedom can be an issue when you’re not really sure of yourself ;)
The ear was a really big obstacle for me and I couldn’t really break that code, also the nose got a bit too wide I think and I didn’t really capture his line of sight or what you would call it, so in the end it turned into a portrait more of Walter Matthau than Russel Crowe - haha :P

Then I’ve been working on a portrait of my favorite female model Ariel. I wanted to try out some coloring, but the whole grayscale to color process is still very strange to me and when I try it looks like she lived on a diet of nothing but carrots or tomatoes, so didn’t really go full out on an attempt yet, instead I just worked on painting and rendering the drawing further along. This is still very much a work in progress, her hair (WHICH IS FUCKING ANNOYING – WHY ON EARTH DOES HAIR EXCIST?!?!) and clothing specially are just started on, I would like to pain the whole pose with a full body, but the time that would require… ehh yikes :S

Kinda annoying when you really just wanna cut out all the rest and just have the small thumbnail version -.-

Also I can't get the fucking cheekbone to work AT ALL, so been thinking about just changing her haircut, to something like below... lazy much? hahaha

And then a quick little texture effect just for the giggles – yay for being easily entertained :) (texture is from the hubble telescope - I so need to do my own enviro study of that shizzle!!!!)

 Have a good weekend :)

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