I want to draw - I have to draw!

This little blog should – in a perfect world - function as a peek into my personal little trip down the road of drawing. I can guarantee there will be plenty of road rage, steep learning curves, crying and thumb sucking involved.
If you scroll down you will see some of my begging steps (hahahaha I'll let that stand - Freudic slip - but I mean *beginning*). Since I never really did any drawing prior, I don’t have any old drawings lying around to share either - unfortunately.
My starting level was nothing, stickmen and general straight line challenged, with an newly added circle handicap – good fucking game.
But I’m determined I will learn this, whatever the cost.
- Tue

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drawing Mila Kunis from The Book of Eli

Wanted to try and do a more Portrait style drawing in charcoal. But o'boy is it frustrating not being able to draw a simple thin line, you can compensate slightly with an eraser, but it feels to me like your just overcomplicating things for yourself, at least at my level.

One major problem I discovered doing this was - I fucking struggle to move past annoyance issues. I had big nose or more exactly nostril problems.

I’m fairly sure I was stuck in a loop of trying to draw “a” nose instead of just tuning out and draw the shapes observed. I spend way to long trying to brute force through this problem, until I finally just decided to work a bit on the rest. After I was somewhat done, I got back to the nose - I just couldn’t leave it. I printed out a cutout of the nose and tried to rediscover the shapes without the distractions of the familiarities of facial features. Finally I saw the shape that had been eluding me – the somewhat “mountain” triangle the front made – but I had utterly destroyed the paper at this point with erasing -> drawing -> erasing -> … so the corrections I could do wasn’t really satisfying, but I could finally put it away at least.

I’m sure I learned a thing or two with this drawing, nothing huge but as an old proverb goes: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step” ;)

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