I want to draw - I have to draw!

This little blog should – in a perfect world - function as a peek into my personal little trip down the road of drawing. I can guarantee there will be plenty of road rage, steep learning curves, crying and thumb sucking involved.
If you scroll down you will see some of my begging steps (hahahaha I'll let that stand - Freudic slip - but I mean *beginning*). Since I never really did any drawing prior, I don’t have any old drawings lying around to share either - unfortunately.
My starting level was nothing, stickmen and general straight line challenged, with an newly added circle handicap – good fucking game.
But I’m determined I will learn this, whatever the cost.
- Tue

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Live walking dead drawings... and other things

The promised “live” drawings - live as in on my monitor :P But anyway, they are done on time, I should be listing the time on the sketches.
Godefingdamnit this is how it feels to be knocked back in ludo. It’s like everything I have relied on until now is out the window, I don’t have time to really see the shapes or get proportion/perspective right, or it feel like I don’t have the time at least, so it’s all just “stress attack of the pencil 2.0 – starring a frustrated me!”
I’m sure there are A LOT of things to be learned and very useful things as well in this work, but I also got the annoying feeling like I skipped some part of crucial learning step before you can do these sorta drawings.
Nonetheless it’s all ups and downs, but practice :)
One thing is certain, I’m doing these things way to small – I should be doing one per page and not 4-5… Or maybe it’s just me.

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