I want to draw - I have to draw!

This little blog should – in a perfect world - function as a peek into my personal little trip down the road of drawing. I can guarantee there will be plenty of road rage, steep learning curves, crying and thumb sucking involved.
If you scroll down you will see some of my begging steps (hahahaha I'll let that stand - Freudic slip - but I mean *beginning*). Since I never really did any drawing prior, I don’t have any old drawings lying around to share either - unfortunately.
My starting level was nothing, stickmen and general straight line challenged, with an newly added circle handicap – good fucking game.
But I’m determined I will learn this, whatever the cost.
- Tue

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick sketches of random stuff like insects and fruit

I don’t really have the slightest idea what I’m doing here, but I can always quick sketch something at least, nothing big just random stuff from reference.

Don’t have much else to say really, there are some obvious mistakes like the citruses, which I fucked up the value with… the… inner… stuff? Is supposed to be white, but yeah I was on auto pilot as usual.

To some extent I do the see the meaning with these quick sketches, even if I don’t think they do anything, I’m still storing some basic blueprints… I hope :P

I had to auto adjust the contrast/brightness with these sketches, so the lines look a bit darker than they really are, guess the "magic" pink strip lost it's power... fåcking bullshit tbh!

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